Is Monique married?

My sources say she is not married but that she does have a serious boyfriend however they are quick to remind me that she is Monique Alexander, a little party girl who does like to have a good time, despite what her relationship status at the time may or may not be.

Is Monique retired?

Our friends over at Vivid say no. She is still very active in the business, making movies, going on promotional tours, etc. So no, Monique Alexander is not retired. She’s a very active in the business and we are told will be in Las Vegas at the AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) signing autographs for her fans this coming January (January 2009) at the Vivid booth.

In January of 2009 Monique Alexander revealed that she would not be renewing her long standing contract with Vivid for now. She wants to take a break from doing boy / girl movies and instead do more softcore and lesbian only work. Monique Alexander says that if however she decides she do boy / girl in the future she will at that time probably renew her contract with Vivid.

2016 Update! Monique is still around, but not really as active in the adult industry as she once was many years ago. She’s on twitter @moniquealexande and does offer private one on one Skype shows with her fans if you ask her nicely.

She also hosts a radio show on Vivid radio, which is on Sirius XM satellite radio.

2017 Update! She’s far more active this year than she was last. She’s still tweeting up a storm and now she also has an OnlyFans page just for her fans with more intimate and personal tweets.  She’s also shooting scenes again. Here’s a pic from a scene she shot in July of 2017 for Reality Kings.

Monique Alexander 2017

What is Monique’s best movie?

That’s a very good question. Monique Alexander has made quite a few movies over the years and its hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s hype. Truth is, some of her best selling DVDs are just really well promoted. It’s not that they are any better than this one or that one, just that they seem to get a lot of attention. Monique also tends to do a lot of scene filler work in movies which means she will appear in one scene in a movie that actually features another girl like her work in Sunny Leone‘s movie Sunny Loves Matt. And while it is true Sunny Loves Matt is a good movie and tops the sales charts, it isn’t exactly a Monique Alexander movie. I think she was in like one scene in the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a steamy 3 way in the last scene of the movie with Sunny Leone and Matt Erickson but the point is — this isn’t a Monique movie. It’s a Sunny movie. This is very common with Monique Alexander’s movies. She does about I would guess, 4 actual movies where she is the main star each year. The other 10 are her in one scene. So that out of the way, what is a good Monique Alexander movie? Well there are a few. I would say check out Wife Swappers from her time at Vivid and then maybe Fem Adagio. This is a movie she did before going over to Vivid. It’s for a company called Ninn Worx (Michael Ninn) and their movies are usually very creative and artistic. Do keep in mind however that this is a lesbian only flick. This was done at a time when Monique was only eating pussy.

The Blu-ray DVD version is becoming quite popular. Does Monique have any Blu-ray DVDs out?

Her first movie available in this format is her movie called Monique’s Been Blackmaled. This is an interracial movie where Monique does Mr. Marcus.

I heard that Monique Alexander got a new full body tattoo, is this true?

Well sort of. She has recently been getting quite a bit of ink done on her lovely body. While some of her fans like it looks nice, some are not so happy about her new passion for the ink fashion. Below you can see a photo of Monique Alexander with the outline of her new body tattoo, which is due to be colored in over time.