Monique on the Sly

A Paul Thomas feature with Monique Alexander. You never know who your friends really are until you’re at a big, horny, no-holes-barred birthday party with them. First come the hors d’ouevres, then come the whores. Come play spin the porn star with Monique .

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Directed by Paul Thomas and starring Monique Alexander, Lexi Bardot, Franko Del Toro, Azalea Lee, Tommy Gunn, and Steven St. Croix.

  • Scene 1 : Monique Alexander and Steven St. Croix
  • Scene 2 : Lexi Bardot and Steven St. Croix
  • Scene 3 : Azalea Lee, Franco del Toro and Monique Alexander
  • Scene 4 : Azalea Lee, Lexi Bardot, Monique Alexander and Tommy Gunn